The British Dupuytren’s Society….

provides support and information to people affected by Dupuytren’s disease, Ledderhose disease, Peyronie’s disease and related conditions. Our goal is to raise awareness, improve knowledge of the treatments available and encourage research into their prevention and treatment.

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Our Research page with information about the latest research keeps growing.

Read our latest newsletter, you can also sign up at the link to receive the next one straight to your inbox! 24.10.16

A worldwide fundraiser campaign has started to raise funds for the Dupuytren Foundation who are planning a large scale study to find biomarkers that may predict active disease in patients blood. The hope is that this can lead to a cure for the next generations.

We have welcomed three new trustees to our charity in the last week!  Mr Mike Hayton BSc (Hons), MBChB, FRCS (Trauma and Orth), FFSEM (UK); Mr Richard Shaffer MBBS, BSc (Hons), MRCP, FRCR; and last but by no means least Mr Dominic Furniss DM MA, MBBCh, FRCS (Plast).  Two hand surgeons, one of whom is also involved in genetic research, and a radiation oncologist!

We have two new trustees, Mr David Ralph BSc MS FRCS (Urol) for the Peyronie’s side, and Dr George Flanagan, podiatrist surgeon for the Ledderhose side.

Read our summer newsletter, and subscribe to our mailing list  28.06.16

The British hand surgeons (BSSH) together with the James Lind Alliance (JLA) have a short survey for any patients with hand or wrist conditions  in Britain, or their carers. Go to this page to read more and click on the survey link.

Together with BMI hospitals we have produced a page on Dupuytren’s and one on Peyronie’s.

NICE appeal decision 29.06.16

Our #StandUpforPeyronies campaign launched today 13.06.16

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About Us

The British Dupuytren’s Society is a UK charity founded in 2011 as a patients’ organisation, supported by medical professionals, and working alongside the International Dupuytren Society (IDS).

The Board of Trustees consists entirely of volunteers: a Dupuytren’s patient as chair and one as treasurer, and a Ledderhose and a Peyronie’s patient as trustees leading those departments. We also have three trustee hand surgeons (one of whom also does research), a consultant urologist, a podiatrist and two radiation oncologists. We have an advisory board with a few more handsurgeons, and a massage therapist who is very experienced treating Dupuytren’s patients. Finally we have one lay member of staff who does not have any of the conditions, she works as our secretariat 2 days per months and is sponsored by the industry.

The British Dupuytren’s Society was founded in August 2011. Our first step was to create our Constitution and Board of Trustees. We are now registered with HMRC for tax-exempt status as a charity, but since our financial turnover does not meet the minimum requirement we cannot yet apply to become a registered charity. Read more…………


The Curse of the MacCrimmon

A history of Dupuytren’s Contracture. There are many stories as to how the curse arose. Some say that the….

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